The Truth About HAPPY ENDING MASSAGE In 3 Minutes

Happy ending massage

Happy ending massage? A massage is a perfect method to relieve your physical and mental tension, but did you know that an erotic one goes beyond just a simple rub down? Unfortunately, the taboo surrounding these massages has been around since the beginning of time.

Despite this stigma surrounding them, there are many benefits, such as providing immense pleasure without resorting to drugs or even drug-free happy endings!

It's also essential not only for health reasons but also for relationships. It can help improve intimacy with your partner over all other forms of sexual activity in some cases. However, with so much going on nowadays, like stress from work and school combined with early exposure at home (iPhones), sex might be becoming more infrequent among couples.

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What is a happy ending massage?

If you're looking for a way to relax, look no further! One of the best ways is through a happy ending massage. This type of massage has many benefits: it can relax or help redirect sex life.

If you feel tense and want an out-of-body experience, try getting a happy ending from your partner or your favorite masseuse. Happy endings are beneficial in two categories - if they make you feel relaxed (think about that post workday) or give those who wish more direction on their sex lives by directing them towards other resources such as sex without penetration.

How to do a happy ending massage for females?

A happy ending is just that: a massage with an orgasmic climax at the end. And for people who have vulvas, this usually means fingering or clitoral stimulation.

In addition, some first-person accounts tell of massages leading to penetrative sex (referred to in the industry as 'The Business'). Still, these are not strictly included under the definition of what it means by 'happy endings.'

A happy ending typically involves someone receiving a sensual or sexual touch on their body before reaching ecstasy.

Women and others with vaginas often receive such treatment through finger work or stimulating parts like labia majora and minor. At the same time,e men may feel satisfied from different types of prostate play, including fingers inside them.

How to do a happy ending massage

How to do a happy ending massage

The best way to get your massage is by asking your therapist or your partner about what you want.

Prepare the massage

The feeling of being touched is too hard to describe. Whether your masseuse has a gentle touch or firm hands that will take all the tension away - they know what you need before you even realize it yourself.

The atmosphere in every massage room reflects this: dark and comforting lights shining from crystals on the walls.

Soft music playing in the background makes for an intimate setting where nothing but peace surrounds me as I lay back and relax under their guiding hand.

Use an oil kit that helps you to enjoy the pleasure of intimate massages.

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Stimulate his senses

Sensual massage is a great way to heighten the senses. And, it can be made more interesting by cutting out specific behaviors that might hinder or complicate things for your client.

For example, if you want to keep all parts of their body stimulated during an erotic massage session without stopping like typical protocol would dictate (if they're paying.)

Try prohibiting them from climaxing until after the service has ended, and then let her decide whether she wants you to continue with manual stimulation or not!

Set limits

Kissing on the mouth is forbidden. Oral sex with genital contact is not allowed, and there should be no penetration.

Be seductive

When a woman wants to be seductive, they must work on their attitude and body language. The tone of voice should always remain formal, but women can learn to become more sensual by practicing in the mirror with different tones of voice until it comes naturally.

The tone of voice should be formal, but it is possible to make your message more engaging and creative. Don't forget that the goal here is giving pleasure from different roles if necessary!

Body expression always plays in your favor. You must transmit with every part of yourself: concentrated, he has to become delicate silk for you.

Approach him correctly

With the receiver face down on a massage table, contact your hands without oil to prepare their skin and synchronize breaths. Take time and listen to your body.

Are you looking for a new way to turn them on? Lean over their back and blow lightly in the curve of their neck. Let your breath feel warm against the skin as you gently plant kisses below it.

Give him the massage.

You can start by stimulating the erogenous zones to get him in a relaxed mood so that he enjoys your touch.

You may proceed with an erotic massage which leads towards some delicious and very pleasurable intercourse.

That is the best part about a massage, I swear. If you have your genitals covered with something like an article of clothing or hand towel, touching can occur underneath that cloth on your penis (hand).

It's pretty neat! Of course, it might not be for everyone, so if you're uncomfortable at all, please let me know before anything takes place. And while some people are okay ejaculating during their happy ending session. No pressure to do so, though!

Freshen up

When you've completed your happy ending, you will offer a towel to clean up with. Your masseuse may leave the room while you do so and get dressed in privacy. Pop any used towels or condoms into the provided bin before leaving for good!

How to ask for a happy endig massage to your therapist?

It is not uncommon for a massage shop to provide hand relief as an extra service. They offer this in conjunction with their regular massage services to generate more income and keep customers happy enough when they might otherwise leave or be dissatisfied.

There are some exceptions though-sometimes the cheap shops don't do any actual massages at all. Instead of offering whatever sexual favors you want without regard for the law, health standards, or other concerns of decency!

A happy ending massage is a different experience than typical tantric massages. Unfortunately, some massage therapists offer "tantric" massages that are just regular old-fashioned happy endings, so parents are warned!

There will also usually be codewords associated with the services being offered. For example, if it's said to end in "release," then there might not only mean release from tension but an orgasmic one.

Rule number 1

So, the first rule is that you should never ask a therapist if they offer illegal or discreet sessions. If your experience with them so far has been good, and there's no need to feel nervous about telling someone their problems.

Then try searching online for therapists in your area who are operating illegally or discreetly before making contact over the phone/text message at an office counter.

Rule number 2

Rule number two. Do not expect to have a great experience on your first try. It would be best to have them know you and feel comfortable understanding what customer service is expected from you.

I've heard stories about some people who take advantage of their illegal status for personal gain when it comes down to therapy sessions, but everyone wants that safe feeling.

As such, therapists will sometimes only offer this 'regular' treatment for those customers with repeat business history (and if we're honest, these are typically going more expensive than standard rates).

Rule number 3

Before you enter the room, discreetly take a fifty-dollar bill and put it in your pocket. That will almost guarantee that you'll get an extra massage at the end of your session. The big question is what to do with this money.

Should one give it up as part of their experience or keep it for themselves? It's important not to touch on these topics during massages because doing so may make them uncomfortable.

They're likely used to being asked about other things like where they went after school and if mommy makes enough food for dinner.

The conversation never needs to be anything more than surface-level! Now pretend I just told you how great my family vacation was last summer. The weather there sure was fantastic.


When it comes to massage, you want the best of both worlds. You don't just want a good back rub; you need an expert who knows how to make your body feel better and relieve tension in all areas, including your muscles, joints, and spine.

Life can be hard on our bodies, so we offer multiple services for different needs- from Swedish massage with happy endings to deep tissue massages and happy endings!