How can I take good care of my feet at home? 3 TIPS THAT WORK

How to take care of your feet

Perfect feet? No foot in nature is like ours with its heel, its plantar arch, its 26 bones, its 19 muscles, and its 50 ligaments.

Did you know that under our feet beats a kind of second heart: Léjars' insole? That is the name of the junction of half a million blood vessels located on the plantar surface.

How to take care of feet

When we are standing still, the entire weight of our body crushes the Léjars' footbed, thus blocking blood circulation.

That is why doctors advise walking and running. A beautiful foot is, above all, a foot that feels good.

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What shoes should I wear so that my feet don't hurt?

What shoes should I wear?

The ideal refuge: shoes in which you can live on your own without being tight or compressed.

Wearing stiletto heels that tune the calf on the occasion of a party at night is not severe in itself, but wearing them to work from morning to night reveals our unconsciousness.

This stiletto heel puts all the weight of the body on the tips of the toes.

The foot will deform itself to keep its balance; all parts of the body are in solidarity with each other. Also, the knees will move forward, the arching of the back will increase, and the belly will project forward.

That is the heavy tribute that must be satisfied to exhibit a well-rounded calf.

If you take care of the comfort of your feet, you will also take care of the solace of your whole body, because it is from our extremities that we can delay the deformations of the knee, the hip, and the back.

It is, therefore, no coincidence that pedicurists often work in tandem with bone specialists. Here are two practical tips:

  • Never wear shoes with worn-out heels. This can lead to an imbalance of the spine.
  • Buy your shoes late in the afternoon. When your feet are tired, if they can stand the new shoes, they will never hurt you.

How to have perfect feet?

Bath them regularly

It is essential to bath your feet every now and then. The water should be lukewarm (avoid boiling water which weakens and congests), and you should put oxygenated bath salts or a refreshing product based on aromatic essences in it.

Then dry your feet gently. Otherwise, the forgotten water can soften the skin and cause fungus.

Massage them

Give a massage to your feet

Take your feet between your hands and follow the ritual of the massage by shaking each one of them, fingers towards the ankle, and from the ankle towards the heel of the foot, insist on this place.

It is essential that you use a decongestant and relaxing cream, which will soften the plantar surface. We can massage our feet to beautify them, but also to take care of them.

Like the iris of the eye, the foot has the curious characteristic of being a reflex zone of the organism—the sole project all the organs of our body.

For example, the heart, on the left side of the body, projects under the left foot. The liver on the right projects under the right foot, and this is how we can cure many problems by massaging specific points of the plantar vault.

This technique ("reflexology") is trendy, and many pedicurists use it. But before launching yourself into this type of massage (which is done firmly with the fingertips but without pressing too hard), it is preferable to be informed by a pedicurist who knows it well.

There are also some wooden frames made up of several rows of rollers, also made of wood, which provide a perfect massage in the reflex zones in a few minutes.

Practice foot gymnastics

Gymnastics for your feet

Remember that your feet were created to live naked in the grass and not to trample on the concrete, locked in your shoes, so walk on your bare feet as often as possible:

  • In your house at night.
  • On holidays on the sand, at the seaside, etc.

Free your feet from any obstacles and make them exercise. For example:

  • Roll a small hardball with the sole of your foot, from front to back and from right to left without letting go.
  • Jump at the bend, as it is ideal for lightness and leg curves.

Here a leave you a good exercise routine for your feet.

Schedule a "beauty session" for your foot

Beauty session for your nails

Your feet will be worthy of you if you schedule a "foot beauty" session once a week for half an hour as beauticians call it.

That is the equivalent of the manicure offered by beauty salons, but here, it's all about the feet.

Feed your nails

We have to feed our nails. They will be more beautiful and shiny if you gently rub them with a specific cream.

  • Cut them into squares with pliers, but never use scissors.
  • Never cut the ends, that's how the nails get cracked.
  • Then sand them gently with an emery board.
  • To remove the small annoying skins, take an orange tree stick wrapped in cotton wool and soaked in emollient water.

Apply polish

Then you have to apply the polish.

  • First, you put a cotton swab between your fingers so that you don't run the risk of the nail polish from a freshly painted nail getting on the other finger.
  • Always apply the nail polish in thin layers, starting from the end of the nail and do it with small brushstrokes.
  • Let it dry and give a second layer with big vertical strokes, always from the base of the nail to the edge.
  • Make sure that the nail polish does not touch the base of the nail. It has to be able to breathe.

Two things you must not forget:

  • Never paint your nails after the bath or shower, because the nail is then soaked with water.
  • Always start by applying a protective base; this way, the color pigments are isolated from the nail polish, which weakens the nail.

If you want more tips to take care of your body, don't hesitate to visit our beauty section.