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How do females get abs? 10 Tips and 9 exercises that work

How do females get abs? The abdominal area is the most difficult to define, you can define biceps, triceps, quadriceps, but this area will still be the most complicated but not impossible.

To get six-pack abs, we must have a percentage of body fat of approximately 14% to 12% in women and 12% to 10% in men. To achieve this, we have to diet to enter a caloric deficit of approximately 500 calories a day and accompany it with aerobic exercise and bodybuilding.

 In this article, we will answer the question of how females get abs? And we will leave you with advice, diets, activities, and workout routines that you should start doing right away to have those abs you dream about so much.

 One of the factors that do not allow you to define your abs entirely is a fat accumulation in that area. Many times there are people who have right abdominal muscles, but the fat accumulates there does not allow the abdominals to be appropriately marked.

How do females get abs?

how do females get abs?

Tips to have the defined abs you dream of: 

Reduce your body fat

If you don’t reduce the fat built up on top of the abdominal muscle, it’s not going to do you any good to do sit-ups every day and lots of repetitions. 

To do this, you must include high-intensity cardiovascular exercise in your routine, little by little in the long term, and lower your consumption of fats and carbohydrates (Trusted sources 1*2*.)

Do an aerobic routine

To work the abdominal muscle growth, you should perform training routines 3 to 4 times a week. You can’t run it every day, and you have to let it rest to recover and then train it intensely. You will get excellent results ( 3*4*.)

Increase the difficulty of the exercises

It stimulates the abdominal muscle increasing the complexity of the movements, they adapt to the effort that you have accustomed them to, and they can not develop as we desire ( 5*6*.)

Do a variety of exercises.

Don’t focus on just one type of abdominal exercise because our abdominal area has several muscles. You have to incorporate more than one kind of movement among which are: abdominals, transversals and obliques, leg lifts or side lifts, cycling.

Follow the right diet

You should be on a diet low in fat, low in carbohydrates, high in protein, low in sugar, and high in vegetables ( 7*8*.)

  • Do not eat foods with sugar such as cookies, pastries, candy, soft drinks, their ingredients contain a lot of processed sugar that ends up raising the blood sugar level.
  • This diet should be low in sodium and fiber, which helps the intestinal tract and eliminates poor digestion. Season your meals with herbs and spices.
  • Thanks to the proteins and amino acids that make up the egg, its intake helps burn fat and develops muscle mass.

Eat less food and eat more often.

An easy way to get the abs is to eat fewer portions of food five times a day instead of 3, with about three hours of difference between each meal. Your metabolism will speed up by burning more abdominal fat ( 9*10*.)

Eat berries and nuts.

Berries and nuts are fat-removing foods. People who intake nuts at least twice a week are less likely to gain weight, and berries are excellent for producing hormones that decrease abdominal swelling.

Drink water

You have to drink a lot of water, which is beneficial to our health. Its intake helps the system to maintain a balance that allows the reduction of fluid retention.

Avoid processed foods

You must avoid highly processed foods, packaged foods, and foods or drinks with sugar.

Avoid stress 

Free yourself from stress and anxiety as they activate Cortisol’s production, a hormone that stimulates the increase of fat in the belly area.

 Exercise routine:

 Exercise is the key to get abdominal muscles.

 There are many ways to work your abs where you must include a constant practice, discipline in its realization, and above all, a nutritious and healthy diet. 

Transforming the fat that hides the abdominal muscle is a purpose that takes a lot of time and dedication.

 To begin your exercise routine, divide it into two circuits, where you do the first circuit with moderate intensity, and when you reach the second circuit, do it with more energy. 

Little by little, you will find it more challenging to complete your routine until you reach four sets of each circuit, with 15 continuous repetitions and a minute’s rest each time you finish it.


Some of these exercises are: 



Straight leg toe touches.

Straight leg toe, how do females get abs?

Heel taps

Heel taps exercise that you can do at home

Crab toe touch.

crab toe, how do females get abs?

Russian twists.

how do females get abs?

Scissor kicks.

Scissors at home

Side planks.

Side plank

side plank

You have to perform 30 seconds on each side.

Mountain climbers.

Mountain climbers, you can do them at home

Plank with leg raise.

Plank leg raise at home


  • You should exercise 3 days a week with full-body exercises, including push-ups and pull-ups. It would be best if you practiced as many sets of 15 repetitions as possible, resting 1 minute between each set. And when you finish, do a few minutes of cardiovascular exercise and.
  • Then do 2 or 3 circuits trying to perform 20 repetitions of the abdominals exercises above mentioned. Don’t forget to maintain correct body posture so as not to cause back injuries.


how do females get abs?

 How do females get abs? To get some abs, it’s not a matter of magic; it’s a matter of doing an excellent full exercise routine where you activate the overall body fat burning, and it will be faster.

 But you must be constant in your training and not do it every day, but rather make your muscle rest so that it develops faster and get some enviable abs.

Of course, you will achieve it if you accompanied the workout by a special diet.