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Category » How do you get good summer feet? The 8 BEST TIPS

How do you get good summer feet? The 8 BEST TIPS

How do you get good summer feet? Knowing how to take care of your feet in the summer is one of the best things to see if you want to keep your pedicure or foot in perfect condition.

Every time summer arrives, temperatures start to rise, and therefore, we keep our feet in complete freedom and exposed to both the sun’s rays and dirt or the elements.

We must be careful if we travel to the beach, where we walk on the sand and sometimes on the pavement. In this new post, we will tell you how to take care of your feet in summer.

Essential tips to take care of your feet in summer

How do I prepare my feet for summer? Feet are exceptionally delicate, and if you take good care of them, they will get worn out over time, as with many things, so avoid that.

How to take care of your feet in summer

Watch your heels

First of all, you have to see the state of your feet. You have them cracked, and usually, a good cream can solve this problem. But if the situation is out of control, you should go to the dermatologist. He or she will prescribe the most suitable treatment.

If you have severe problems with corns or bunions, you should see a chiropodist who will solve these uncomfortable problems.

Avoid walking with your bare feet.

The first thing you must take into consideration is the constant use of sandals, slippers, and similar ones if you are at the beach or pool.

You may not notice it quickly, but your feet will suffer the consequences of this sudden change in surface (especially if you have dry skin).

Wearing shoes (preferably open) will help your feet avoid getting fungus, dirt, grime, and other elements from the ground.


These elements negatively influence the skin and structure of your feet, causing them to tear or, in the worst case, to become ugly over time.

Preventing this is very simple; you should stop touching the ground directly with your feet and use sandals for this. If you use some of these, try to be open and let your feet breathe and are not locked all the time.

Wear socks at night. Yes, I know it may seem strange, but by wearing socks (make sure they are cotton), your feet will notice the difference.

Exfoliate your feet

You want beautiful feet you have to exfoliate them. Then you have to try to treat their skin almost as well as your face.


Use pumice. It has a magical effect on your feet by removing irregularities and dead cells.

Rub the pumice stone with your feet wet, this way it will act more effectively.

Hydrate them 

Do you want soft feet in the summer? Then it would be best if you moisturized them properly. It would help if you did not use the same moisturizing cream on our extremities as on the rest of the body.

The cuticle of our feet is much thicker, so the moisturizer should also be more viscous. Knowing this, I recommend one of these options:

Use a cream that nourishes your feet with vitamin E and contains beta-hydroxy or alpha-hydroxy acids.

Moisturize them with coconut oil. It’s terrific the effect it has on the skin.

You can use cocoa butter. It is almost as good as coconut oil.

Cut your nails as straight as possible

Cutting your nails straight across is almost mandatory if you want to keep your feet in good condition and still be as beautiful.

For perfect feet in the summer and all year round, a good pedicure will help.

Wash and dry your feet daily

Your feet are one of the parts that can suffer the most in summer if you don’t take proper care of them, as they can contract various types of pathogens that can damage them.

Try bathing them in water and salt from time to time. This step helps to remove dead skin cells. For a more pleasant bath, you can add a scented oil.

Then it would be best if you dried them so that they are clean enough and free of moisture.

Use a good antiperspirant

Antiperspirants are very good for your feet in summer, as they prevent them from sweating when they feel boiling.

In addition to this, prevent your feet from giving off certain odors due to the constant heat, try to wash them frequently, and then use antiperspirant.

Use the soap consistently

Soap is a staunch ally of the feet, hands, and almost all parts of our body, try to rinse your feet thoroughly when you feel they get hot.