How to fill in eyebrows for beginners

How to fill in eyebrows

How to fill in your Eyebrows Like a Professional?

  It is often quite surprising to know how much of a difference perfect eyebrows can make to our entire appearance! It is easy to make a mess if you don't see what you are doing as simple as it may seem.

So, if you want your eyebrows looking good, you have come to the right place. Here I will be guiding you to a step-by-step procedure to fill in your eyebrows like a pro.

All you need is a brow pencil, small brushes, and brow powder, and you are ready to flaunt your stylishly groomed eyebrows!

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Why is filling your Eyebrows so important?

Eyes are a person's most important facial feature, and that includes your eyebrows and helps you express emotions. They add some flair to your look and even affect the shape of your face.

If you don't agree with me on that, do check out those articles that show celebs without their eyebrows are done, and you will surely know their importance.

However, there are a few lucky human beings, but the others like you and I require a monthly or weekly grooming session only for the eyebrows.

Over the past few years, eyebrows have become an essential part of enhancing one's beauty. Hence it has become necessary for one to trim, shape, and fill in their eyebrows to achieve an aesthetically pleasing look.

Moreover, there are several other benefits of filling in your eyebrows. Filling in your eyebrows makes you:

  1. Look Younger
  2. Accentuates your Eyes
  3. Refines your Looks and Corrects Flaws

How to fill in your Eyebrows at home with makeup?

How do you fill in eyebrows? There are several ways you can fill in your eyebrows, but I have provided a step by step guide about filling your eyebrows with makeup:

Use a brush


How to fill in eyebrowsWhen tweezing your brows, remember to use your brush to push the hairs up. You also remembered to pluck beneath the brows. You don't want to pluck hairs from the top of your eyebrows. Otherwise, you'll end up taking away too much hair. 

Fill Your Eyebrows with Pencil

use a pencil

Start filling your eyebrows with the pencil from the middle and proceed slowly towards the beginning. Eyebrows tend to be sparse at first, so filling them in too much looks extremely unnatural. Just go along with your eyebrows' natural shape and do not try to create an entirely different form.

Intensify Your Eyebrows

color your eyebrows

Fill in the whole length of the eyebrow. Make sure not to overfill. Trace the natural shape of your eyebrows, and thicken and enhance them a bit.

Refine Them with Powder

Limpia la zona

The pencil strokes may look uneven, so we're going to use powder for a perfect finish. Use an eyebrow powder to do this step. You can always use a matte eye shadow if you don't have one in stock. Moreover, don't use a dark shade, you can go for an angled brush or a smudge brush to fill in your brows.

Conceal and Perfect

Use concealer

If you want to make your eyebrows even more defined, you may use a concealer/foundation that is slightly lighter than the skin tone of your lower and upper eyebrow bone for a cleaner look. Use an eyebrow gel to finish it all off. That is very helpful if you want to keep the makeup in place and set the eyebrow hair.

The whole process.

How to fill in your Eyebrows naturally?

How do you fill in your eyebrows without makeup? Do you spend forever doing your brows? Are you interested in finding a way to fill in eyebrows naturally and quickly? If so, keep on reading as here's a quick and easy method for usually filling eyebrows when in a hurry that you must follow:

  1. With the help of a clean mascara wand, brush your eyebrow hairs downwards. All your brow hairs should be down for this. 
  2. Pick up some brow powder with the help of your brush and gently fill in the sparse area of your eyebrow.
  3. Once you fill in that area, you will have to use the mascara wand to brush your eyebrow hairs upwards and into place. Voila! Most of the time, that's all you need, but if you notice any area that needs extra powder, now that the brows are in place, go ahead and fill it in.

Common Mistakes:

As we already discussed earlier, filling your eyebrows becomes very necessary to give your face a proper shape and look. But, many times, people unknowingly make mistakes while filling their eyebrows, which spoils their look and is a complete wastage of the effort. Hence, I have listed some of the most common mistakes that you might be making, and you should try to avoid these mistakes:

  1. Not brushing the eyebrows first: Before you even pick up your brow pencil, you are supposed to clean up what nature already gave you. Fortunately, most of the eyebrow pencils come with a spoolie, so clean up the stray hairs by brushing them in the direction of growth.
  2. Using too much product: This is a widespread mistake, and it can make you look like a painted doll (not in the right way). It's a cliché, but remember that the mantra for brows is, "A little goes a long way."
  3. Filling in the front first: While starting at the front may seem intuitive, this mistake can lead to some very harsh-looking brows. That's because when you first dip your brush in the product, you're going to have too much for the front, which should be the sparsest part of your brow.
  1. Using the wrong brush: If you prefer filling in your eyebrows with pomade or powder, don't just go with any old brush. Always go for an angled brush with thin, dense bristles. Too thick, and you won't be able to create precise lines, too thin, and you won't be able to pick up any product.

Final Words

So, I hope you have an idea about how to fill in your eyebrows by makeup as well as in a natural manner and why it is so essential to fill in your eyebrows. Moreover, I have also mentioned the various mistakes that people commonly make while filling in their eyebrows, and we have to avoid them. 

In the end, I would suggest following all the steps and instructions mentioned in the above content to make your eyebrows look refreshing and attractive.  

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