How to get whiter teeth naturally at home

how to get whiter teeth

Do you want to have whiter teeth? Tooth enamel discoloration is not uncommon. Millions of people in the world have stains and permanent marks on their teeth due to wear and tear.

That is one of those things that even people with excellent dental hygiene can experience because various factors can contribute to enamel discoloration.

Over time, teeth begin to show their age. They lose strength, turn yellow, and take on stains from food and drinks more quickly. For many people, dental discoloration is something to be hidden and concealed. Yellow teeth can ruin an attractive smile and destroy your self-confidence, so it is a significant problem.

So, it becomes essential for anyone to get whiter teeth. There are several teeth-whitening surgeries and artificial ways of whitening your teeth quickly. You don't need to give many efforts in that, but most people prefer to whiten their teeth naturally, and here are some natural remedies that can help you whiten your teeth naturally and effectively.

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How to Whiten your Teeth Naturally?

how to get whiter teeth

Get plenty of Calcium when eating

The outer layer of tooth (enamel) cause some tooth decoloration eroding and exfoliating the second layer of tooth (dentin) underneath, yellow.

Some studies conclude that calcium-rich foods like cheese, milk, broccoli may help to prevent outer layer ( enamel ) erosion ( 1*2*3*).

Make dietary changes

By removing the food that marks your teeth, you can prevent further staining. Foods and drinks that usually contain tannins, such as tea and wine, can stain your teeth, and even coffee, dark sodas, and some juices can spot them.

Highly acidic foods such as pickles can also make your teeth look yellow by wearing down the enamel. Those concerned about the color of their teeth should minimize the consumption of citrus, coffee, and soda. Alternatively, we recommend that they should always brush their teeth after having them.

Most of the dentists generally recommend waiting for 20 minutes before brushing your teeth. Some acids can weaken the enamel, which is why brushing too soon can cause damage.

If you stop smoking or using tobacco products, you will reduce the risk of nicotine stains. Moreover, this can also prevent tooth decay and gum disease, both of which can damage the enamel and cause oral health issues.

Try oil-pulling

Pulling with oil refers to washing the mouth with oil, which removes dirt, bacteria, and residue. However, this method cannot substitute ordinary brushing or flossing, although some research suggests that rinsing the mouth with certain oils can whiten teeth.

The American Dental Association (ADA) considers the use of oil non-conventional dentistry, stating, "no reliable scientific studies are showing that the use of oil whitens teeth, decreases cavities, or improves oral health."

If you want to try this method to get whiter your teeth, rinse your mouth with oil for a minute after brushing, then spit it out ( 4*5*)

Oils suitable for oil pulling include:

Brush your Teeth with Baking soda

The baking soda can gently polish the marks on the teeth. Some people think that baking soda is too harsh and may grind away their enamel, but research from 2017 found it safe to remove stains.

Baking soda may also help fight against the bacterias, which suggests that it may reduce plaque and prevent tooth decay.

Use Hydrogen-peroxide

The hydrogen peroxide is a gentle whitener that helps whiten discolored teeth. For optimum whitening, a person can try brushing with a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and hydrogen peroxide for 2 minutes, twice daily for one week. It would be best if you only did this from time to time.

Several studies conclude that hydrogen peroxide can be useful to increase tooth sensitivity, so it is not suitable for long-term use or for those who already have sensitive teeth ( 6*7*8*.)

Consume teeth-whitening fruits

 Native American papain and bromelain, two enzymes found in papayas and pineapples, can help whiten teeth.

According to research conducted in 2012, dentists discovered preliminary evidence that solutions that contain these ingredients can offer modest whitening effects. But the study authors caution of the need for further research to determine whether these enzymes are useful ( 9*10*.)

 Use Activated Charcoal Brush

The activated carbon bleaches by absorbing plaque and other substances that stain teeth, making teeth cleaner and brighter.

Use Turmeric Powder Paste

Turmeric powder is a mild abrasive which can remove stains from the surface to reveal whiter teeth. The turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, making it an excellent choice for natural dental care.

Use Lemon Juice and Baking Soda Paste

The lemons have a high content of citric acid, a natural whitener for stains on the teeth. The baking soda is slightly abrasive, which helps to polish away surface stains gently and also thickens the lemon juice, keeping it on the teeth longer.

Rinse and Scrub Apple Cider Vinegar

The apple cider vinegar has acetic acid that helps to break down plaque and stains on the teeth. It also includes minerals, probiotics, and enzymes that can kill germs and bacteria in your mouth.

 Maintain optimal oral hygiene

oral hygiene

Maintaining optimal oral health is the most important thing you can do to reduce tooth yellowing.

Brushing and flossing protects the enamel, prevents gum decay, and removes stains ( 11*12*.)

For good oral hygiene:

  • You have to brush your teeth twice a day regularly. And, it should be sure to also clean around the gums and the backs of the teeth.
  • You have to use fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride can fight and even reverse the decay of the tooth. However, some people oppose using fluoride, but dentists believe that fluoride is safe and beneficial for teeth.
  • Finally, you must floss to remove plaque between the teeth.

Final Words

you can have a nice smile

In extreme cases where the teeth are very yellow, professional whitening treatments will be your best bet. But for those looking to improve their smile and have their teeth free of stains, the remedies we have mentioned above will do wonders. 

If you have a trick that has worked for you, share it with us, and please visit our beauty section.