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How to look pretty without makeup, tricks that would make Twitter burn

how to look pretty without makeup

How to be beautiful without makeup

The use of makeup has become a great fashion and a common use today.

These products, help us to improve the aesthetic look on our face, almost completely hiding any imperfection, however, the constant use of these cosmetics only hides what we do not want to show.

There are natural ways to look beautiful and attractive without the use of these products.

Although answering this question directly could be quite complex, because sometimes we only feel beautiful when we use makeup. However, this is more frequent with women who love cosmetics and are unable to live without them; if they are not present in their daily routine, they tend to feel insecure about themselves for fear of seeing something they don’t like in the mirror.

But this does not only happen to makeup lovers; it also happens to those of us who are not accustomed to using so many cosmetics on our faces.

Using beauty products very often, they are annoying and tedious; they consume our time every time we go to get ready, besides we don’t feel completely natural while we put them on.

Usually, we use these products when we go to a special occasion or event. However, you will be happy to know that there are completely natural ways to be beautiful and attractive without using any kind of product or cosmetic. Here are the ways:

How can I be beautiful naturally? How can I look more attractive?

Washing your face frequently:

Washing your face frequently in order to look beautiful without makeup

You’ve probably heard or seen this recommendation several times somewhere before, but the truth is that it’s extremely important and indispensable to achieving our goal. 

Water is the main solvent by nature, which is why when it comes into contact with your skin, and together with soap, it begins to dissolve any dirt and oily imperfection accumulated on our face.

It is important to keep in mind that you do not necessarily have to be washing your face at every moment; like many things, everything in excess is harmful.

We recommend you wash your face whenever:

You get up in the morning:

Your skin is usually very oily after hours of rest, so it is important to wash it with enough water in the morning, and it is best to use cold water, as it helps to close the skin pores, polish and reduces our face inflammation.

During your day-to-day life:

Wash your face often and you'll look perfect without makeup.
                                                                          Wash your face frequently

We recommend applying several gentle movements on your face with a ball of cotton wool moistened with water or some antibacterial liquid soap, to extract and eliminate any impurities, sweat and pollution product of the environment where you will find yourself.

However, you can also only wash your face with cold water. Depending on the type of environment you are going through; it will depend on how often you wash your face, i.e.:

If you are in a very humid, sweaty, dusty environment and so on, we recommend that you wash it as often as you feel necessary.

Before going to bed:

It is very important to take into account this, your skin will spend hours resting, where it can acquire some kind of negative effect due to dirt, the environment or fat accumulated in your body, which causes the popular and common “pimples” or “acne”.

If you have ever noticed that in the afternoon you do not have any, but when you wake up in the morning you do, this is because at night, the body processes and expels the number of calories no longer needed, and if you have ingested too much, it will be expelled with more quantity and this generates those annoying fat deposits that we see embedded in our face.

Try not to touch your face often:

Don't touch your face too often
                                             Don’t touch your face too often.

You may think that this advice contradicts the previous point, but it is valid in a sense. Touching one’s face quite often becomes one of the things we should do less if we want to look beautiful, presentable, or without spots, because our hands and fingers have grease, bacteria, and dirt which makes them stay on our face and generate acne and other dermatological diseases.

If you have pimples, it is because you have often touched your face; if so, avoid removing them. Today, there are a variety of skincare products that ensure the complete removal of pimples and acne from your face.

Try to keep this in mind, you can touch your face but only when you wash it with soap and water. Don’t try to touch it with your dry fingers without first washing your hands! It will damage aesthetics and facial care.

Moisturize your skin daily:

It is essential that you moisturize your skin
                                                               Moisturize your skin if you want to be beautiful

In order to maintain the desired skin in optimal conditions without using any type of cosmetic, you should use a specific moisturizing cream daily for your skincare.

We give you more details in the articles on “Routine care for oily skin” and “Secrets of how to treat dry skin”.

Moisturized and hydrated skin are essential to look beautiful. So apply a moisturizing cream to your skin for the type of skin you have. There is a wide variety on the market; for example, for oily skin, there are gel formats, while for very sensitive or dry skin there are deeper moisturizers.

It is recommended to choose creams with a high sun protection factor and that serve as a barrier to the pollution of your environment, this way you will not need makeup to pretend to look beautiful, nature itself, together with the chemicals of these creams, will give you a progressive level of beauty on your face.  

Exfoliate your skin in your daily routine:

exfoliating your skin is essential if you want to look beautiful without makeup
                                                  Exfoliate your face

Remember that an exfoliant is a method in which we apply a series of natural compounds, or artificial creams, to drag all those cells that have died and have accumulated on the surface of any part of our skin.

This method performs a cleansing that purifies, increases the brightness and regeneration capacity in our body tissue, especially in our face, helping greatly to maintain a clean and impeccable aesthetic.

To remove all those dead cells from the surface of our skin, which are usually the protagonists of generating or producing acne, recover more shine, clean and remove those impurities that are embedded in our skin, it is necessary to perform once or twice a week a deep exfoliation.

In this way, the skin will look more radiant and clean so you should not miss this important step. You can do this with products that are currently available on the market, or you can do it at home, as both methods bring the same benefits.

If you think the best way to do this is at home; you may be right, you will spend less and increase the benefits of using all-natural and organic materials.

Next, we’ll leave you with a recipe in which you can make it using ingredients we have at home:

Coffee as an exfoliator:

You’ve probably heard or seen that coffee is used as an exfoliant or that it helps your face a lot. It’s absolutely true! Coffee brings several chemical compounds by nature, which help in the reconstruction and regeneration of your facial tissue since your face is the part with the most sensitive skin of our body, which is why you should keep this in mind and use any type of cream in moderation.

Mix some natural coffee with some facial cream to distribute more effectively its benefits. (You can do it in the morning or at night, for an optimal effect. However, remember to do it only once or twice a week.)

Mixed exfoliator of Sugar and Lemon:

Lemon, along with sugar, provides an almost perfect compound for facial treatment. Keep this in mind and in a few weeks, you will notice how your face has improved in certain aspects. (Remember not to abuse the amount administered, a single application is enough).

Sugar mixed with Olive Oil as an exfoliant:

Again present; the sugar gives great benefits thanks to its sweet compound, retaining its counterpart which has a strong chemical concentration.

The olive oil together with the sugar is an excellent exfoliant if you don’t have lemon with you, the result is going to be almost the same; given that both compounds will behave in the same way regarding the treatment of your face.

Chocolate-based exfoliator:

Chocolate is the main aphrodisiac by nature; it brings a concentrated compound of sugar and provides benefits when consumed, however, also brings advantages if used on the surface of your skin.

Recommended; use or mix, ½ cup with sugar and ¼ cup with canola oil or olive oil. It is also effective to use a little grape seed. 

Milk mixed with oats, as a natural exfoliant:

Again, some frequent foods, not only bring us benefits when ingesting them also if we apply it on the surface of our skin. In this case, mixing milk with oats can bring great benefits in a very short time to your skincare; it is recommended that the milk is cold or preserved since it will give results similar to cold water when you wash your face.

It should be noted that: The artificial exfoliants sold in the market are not all focused on the face. There are many specific exfoliants for each part of our body.

Don’t use just any exfoliant on your face! Remember that your face contains the thinnest and most sensitive skin on your entire body. If you use a lot of products or misuse them, you could damage your facial aesthetics. 

Use sunscreen:

Use sunscreen:

The sun is not only a friend when it comes to giving benefits to our bodies, such as a tanned body or the necessary vitamins we need, but it can also be a cruel enemy.

We must be aware of solar rays (the famous UV rays) that we absorb, this is really dangerous because the most deadly diseases in terms of the skin are the product of the constant time in the sunlight, apart from this, it also affects us aesthetically.

Your skin dries and loses its composition, you should avoid so much sunlight, so if you are someone who will inevitably spend time in the sun, use sunscreen yes or yes.

Including sunscreen in your daily cosmetics is one of the most important things that every woman should keep in mind if she always wants to look beautiful or attractive.

Protecting your skin from UV rays (which can cause burns, spots, wrinkles, flaccidity in the skin of your face and long-term cancer) allows your skin not to age prematurely because it is important to start using it from an early age to prevent any signs of spots, wrinkles, and diseases. You can choose to use moisturizers with sunscreen of at least 30 degrees of protection.

Get enough sleep:

Get enough sleep and you'll look beautiful without makeup.

Sleeping is one of the most important needs of every living being. Sleeping provides us with the necessary energies that we need to function properly, as well as increasing the effect of regeneration and healing in any type of cell or body tissue.

If we don’t get enough sleep, our body will feel very exhausted, tired and will not be able to fulfill the most basic and simple aspects of an ordinary day.

Sleeping enough is necessary for our body to recover from the wear and tear of the day-to-day, the most advisable is to sleep 7 to 8 hours a day, however, this will depend on the active lifestyle we have.

The greater the expenditure of energy and effort, the more hours of rest we need to recover what we have lost.

According to our daily habits, the hours you will need to sleep will be according to what your body needs to recover. For that reason try to organize yourself well during the day so that you can have the necessary hours for your body to rest while you sleep. 

It is recommended that the next day you have a natural look, without wrinkles or the common and undesirable dark circles, which are the product of bad rest, generating horrible aesthetic facial effects.

If you have not been able to rest enough, your eyes tend to redden and look saggy, and for reasons of life, you need to go to an event or an important situation, we recommend you apply a few drops of eye drops in your eyes so that your look seems a little cleaner, fresher and firmer. 

Another of the tricks that you can apply during the nights before sleeping is to apply menthol or vaseline on your lips, this is to act during the night, this allows moisturize them deeply and the next day will look with a more detailed and attractive tone.

Eat healthy foods:

Eat healthy foods to look beautiful without makeup
                                                       Food is basic to be beautiful

Vegetables and fruits represent one of the healthiest foods we can find by nature. They are found everywhere and bring the necessary vitamins and chemicals that the body needs in order to function in the best possible way.

Previously, during the course of human history, there were no industrial or artificial cosmetics and yet women maintained an attractive and seductive appearance.

This is due to the natural compounds that food brings by creating crops, such as corn, vegetables, fruits and sometimes some animals such as fish or chicken. All these foods bring us benefits and energies that the body absorbs and distributes in an optimal and effective way. 

To maintain healthy skin and a healthy complexion, it is necessary to consume foods rich in vitamins and minerals that bring health to our body, since the ideal change we must make is from the inside out, because being healthy inside, comes out immediately.

That is why if we are going to take the first step, it is necessary to change those bad eating habits of consuming excessively or frequently fats, sugars, and processed foods.

It is advisable to include more fruits, more vegetables, more grains and white meats in your diet, as they will bring more positive and advantageous benefits to your body. 

Try to eat at least two fruits a day ( As snacks, we recommend apples or pears) and include vegetables in every meal you make. 

If you adopt these changes to your daily routine, not only will you feel better, but you’ll also look better, and the changes will begin to show within weeks of changing your eating habits.

Drink cold, filtered drinking water frequently:

Drink plenty of water, it is essential for your health and beauty
                                                         Drinking water is basic to having perfect skin

Generally, many recommend drinking water to keep us healthy. And you’re right! Water is our indispensable and natural fuel to function. Drinking water brings great benefits and advantages every time we are “thirsty”. 

Experts say you should drink at least 10 to 15 glasses of water a day; however, this will depend on the amount of water you put in the glass, the level of size or volume of the glass, and the amount of effort and physical effort you make during the day.

Remember that drinking water is to recover all those electrolytes that you have lost, all those liquids that no longer provide for your body to continue functioning optimally.

Moisturizing our body is the most important step to keep our body and skin healthy. With the passing of the years, we are losing elasticity and youth, if we do not consume water, our skin dries out, loses shine and life.

That is why it is necessary to consume enough water daily, as it helps the skin remain supple, radiant and healthy, likewise helps detoxify the body and eliminate toxins more quickly.

Try to drink at least two liters of water a day and consume foods such as fruits and those that provide water by nature, such as watermelon, strawberry, melon, pineapple, pear, and apple.

We recommend that in the mornings when we wake up, we warm a cup of water until it is hot and then squeeze half a lemon, this will cleanse the body and accelerate the metabolism.

Since vitamin C (which comes in large amounts concentrated in the lemon) is more than ideal for detoxifying the skin and eliminate traces of any alteration in our body, if you can build a habit you can see the effects and see it reflected in your skin, this trick serves as a filter to protect and purify the skin while keeping it hydrated and ready to look as healthy as possible and maintaining an aesthetic that stands out.

How to take care of your hair and you will look more beautiful every day:

Having the right hair is essential to be beautiful without makeup
                                                                    Take care of your hair

Beyond facial care, there are other parts of our body that you must care for and maintain at a constant level of attention. Hair is possibly the most radiant thing that will be noticed with the naked eye; that is why we must take care of it as much as possible, keeping it clean, fresh and above all, with a good aroma.

Hair is usually a tough competitor when it comes to looking beautiful since various external factors can easily alter it. Among them we have:

Sweating or heat:

The vapor produced by these two protagonists causes the hair to stretch, expand and lose its structure. Even if we have previously combed our hair, it will be a tough opponent when it comes to keeping it the way we want it to look.


Prevents unpleasant odours
                                                       Avoid pollution

Odor affects our hair since it absorbs all the aroma that is around or concentrated in the air. Surely more than once, your hair has been left with a smell of car fuel, someone else’s perfume or smell you’ve never smelled before – this is due to odor pollution!

Your hair, being a mass of pure hair, absorbs and concentrates that scent from the environment in it.

To avoid this, we recommend washing your hair at least 2 or 3 times a week; also, use soap whenever you bathe, this will help your own hair get its own aroma and not get an external one.

The wind:

Be careful with the wind and you'll look perfect without makeup.
                                                              Beware the wind

The wind is a scary enemy for our hair, on more than one occasion, often disheveled and leave us very bad looking. Although, it is something that perhaps we cannot stop directly; we can face it shining a more natural and loose hairstyle, if we maintain a loose aspect in it, we will show a usual image that the wind will not take it away from us.

To keep it from looking dry, wash it often to prevent it from looking greasy and dirty. To enhance your natural beauty, get a good haircut and find one that makes you look radiant and like it, so you can master it with confidence and make you feel beautiful and shiny. In addition, you can use natural oils such as argan or coconut oil to moisturize your tips so they look shiny and alive.

Depilate your eyebrows, hair, and mustache:

Shave your eyebrows to be perfect
                                                              Hair removal with thread is a great option

That’s right, not only men grow mustaches; there are times when women too, hair is natural in all human beings. That’s why to preserve a dazzling figure and impeccable aesthetics, it is necessary to depilate regularly the places where we see hair!

Eyebrows frame the look and eyes making them look bigger, give more light and personality to your face. If you frequently keep a good design of your eyebrows, you already have part of the road traveled.

This is why you will have to depilate where necessary with tweezers, thread or wax. A trick to make hair grow where there are none is to apply castor oil every night with a brush (like a toothbrush), which works very well to stimulate hair follicles and complete your eyebrows.

On the other hand, long, curly eyelashes make you feel feminine. If you want them to look more crowded and long also apply castor oil every night with a gentle massage, also with a spoon or curling iron you can curl them without using mascara.

shave your eyebrows to be beautiful without makeup

For more information on how to wax or fix your eyebrows, please feel free to visit our previous article on Eyebrow Types, how to wax and makeup them.

Anyway, here you have a video with more tips to be beautiful without makeup.

What is beauty after all?

What is beauty after all?

Beauty is a verdict that goes with the opinion of each person; it is something subjective and relative; we cannot give a concrete answer about what beauty is and how to be beautiful. Because, as we said before, it goes according to the opinion of each one, and that is why what one would consider beautiful, for another person will not be so.

Even so, being beautiful without makeup is something we all naturally possess; we just don’t know it yet, or maybe we do but find it hard to believe it’s true. Makeup has become so popular today that it’s almost like a rule or norm to use it when you’re going to a special occasion.

However, being beautiful is something that is born from us. You must believe and trust in yourself! Trust plays a very important role in motivation and security if you are sure that you are beautiful. You can be sure that you will be!

A curious fact is that; don’t always go to a mirror to visualize your physical appearance, the mirror always deceives us! The reflection we see of ourselves in a mirror is very different from the way we are since it shows us the opposite side of us.

If you want a better version of yourself, take several photos of yourself and compare the points to improve yourself. A photo portrays almost what others see you – use that to your advantage!


How to look pretty without makeup

Beauty is subjective, it depends on each person who sees us and on each one of us.

It’s impossible to be beautiful to everyone; everyone has a different opinion, so don’t desperately seek to look attractive to all of them.

Makeup doesn’t make us beautiful, we have real beauty. Cosmetics only help us hide the imperfections we have and we do not want to let anyone see.

Also, beauty can be easily represented on our face, body, and hair, since it is the first thing we let everyone see.

However, even if there are ways to improve our physical appearance. We must not forget to improve our internal appearance!

Beauty is not only associated with the physical or external body, but it is also our personality and attitudes.

You must improve your internal profile! Otherwise, you would only be a beautiful outer shape and an empty shell inside.

True beauty is when you naturally show who you are and don’t appear to be someone else, find out all about it in our beauty section.

Take into account all our advice and recommendations and you will see how to progressively improve your lifestyle!

You'll be beautiful with or without makeup.

And remember, you’ll be more beautiful every day!!