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How to Strengthen Nails of your Hands, 7 Tricks

Top 7 Tips To Strengthen Hand Nails at Home

How to strengthen nails. Have your nails ever broken and you couldn’t do anything to keep them strong and beautiful?

You have to keep in mind that this may be related to health problems. Your nails also need to be well-nourished.

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To have beautiful nails must be enriched with keratin, this helps a lot to harden the nails.

Strengthen nails

This prevents them from breaking at any time. Besides, you won’t take care of them anymore and you will be able to do your activities normally without any worries.

Here we will tell you how to harden nails with 100% natural methods that work quickly and are easy to do.

There are many factors that make your nails break like cold, contact with water and excess manicures.

That is why you must protect them from these dangers. If you continue with the following tips on how to strengthen your nails, you will get very strong and beautiful nails.

How to Strengthen the Nails of the Hands, 7 Tricks and Home Remedies


Cut the citrus in two and with one of them rub your nails for 5 minutes this will help your nails regain their strength and beauty repeat this 3 times a week will help you a lot.

Olive oil and lemon.

Put 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a bowl and with the lemon already cut absorb a little of it and rub on your nails one by one for 5 minutes. Remember that both together make a perfect combination for their constitution of essential oils that will help to repair your weak nails.


In a cup of hot water put 10 leaves of rosemary for 6 minutes and then immerse your nails for about 15 minutes. Do this twice a week and you will see impressive results that will help harden your nails.


We need a peeled cucumber, with the help of a spoon crush it little by little in a container. Then immerse your nails for 15 minutes. This will make the properties of the cucumber harden again.

Horsetail infusion.

To have beautiful nails it is necessary to immerse your nails in this well-concentrated infusion every day. It is recommended that you do this at night, as it will help to have a better result.

Almond and olive oil.

The mixture of oils of these two types is truly a miracle, as their properties will make harden nails quickly for this we need in a container mix these inputs and dip your nails for about 15 minutes every 3 days a week.

Protein-rich foods.

This trick is very important for strengthening nails. You must have a healthy diet based on proteins, such as milk, cheese, yogurt, among others.

These foods will strengthen your nails, as well as your hair, of course, do not forget that any diet must be balanced and without excesses.

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How to strengthen nails is very important for our health and beauty.

Thanks to these tricks you will get beautiful and strong nails, so you’ll forget all the problems that brought you to have weak nails and unattractive.

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